Arouca, land of hills and valleys

Rivers that furrow the mountain, that descend fast or that form long pools with their river beaches, trails that wind the mountain or that accompany the rivers, museums that show the history of man and the land.
And a never ending, as far as the imagination takes us!

Paiva Walkways

The route extends from the river beaches of Areinho and Espiunca, lying between them, the Vau beach. A journey through biology, geology and archeology that will remain, of course, in heart, soul and in mind of any nature lover.

516 Arouca

The 516 Arouca bridge is the largest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world and is located in Arouca, in the district of Aveiro, Portugal. With 516 meters in length and an elevation of 175 meters, it makes the connection between the banks of the Paiva River.


In the wild waters of the Paiva River, with its rapids and obstacles, rafting offers
a unique experience of adventure and excitement.


The water and the mountain. The waterfalls of Frades, Caima, Castanheira, Pena Amarela and many more. Experience the rappelling descents and the jumps to the natural pools of this stunning nature.


Along the trails of Arouca, in autonomy or with a guide, with adrenaline or calm, we provide the most beautiful walks.


Arouca has a network of walking routes, 14 PRs and 1 GR, covering almost the entire Geopark territory, taking the hiker to visit the rich natural heritage.


RNT nº 1658


RNET nº 1658

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